How Reliable are Wireless Speakers?

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One factor that comes to mind when purchasing audio equipment is reliability. That is very true not only for audio equipment but for a variety of other products where the product failing would be rather annoying. In this post, I’m going to look at wireless speakers because they are certain issues that can occur which can cause the speakers to fail under certain conditions.

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In this post, I’m going to look at wireless speakers in general. I’m not going to look into different types of speakers such as indoor or outdoor speaker models. What I’m going to discuss relates to all types of wireless speakers. In order for wireless speakers to work properly, they have to be installed using common sense. That means that they should be located too close to other wireless devices which could possibly degrade the signal. Also, they have to be located either on amount or on a surface which is steady and minimizes the chance of the speaker falling to the floor and taking damage.

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When running wires such as power cords, always packed the wires away in order to minimize the risk of somebody tripping over loose connections and thus possibly pulling the speaker from the table. Also, any electrical connections such as power cords have to be inspected before the installation to make sure they have no marks and no damage. The damage power cord is a safety hazard and most certainly can cause failure. Further, always make sure that you use the correct power supply. I don’t generally recommend purchasing power supplies from other manufacturers unless they are approved by the vendor of the speakers. Certain speakers have certain requirements regarding power. Not only does the voltage have to be correct and within a certain range but the power supply should also sufficiently protect speaker from surges.

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Power surges can easily damage any type of electronic equipment including speakers. When installing the transmitter which sends the wireless signal to the speakers, make sure the location is selected such that the signal can travel freely without being obstructed by metal objects. In addition, loose connections are a common cause of male functions. In addition, I always recommend making all the connections before switching on the transmitter. If the transmitter is already running while you are making the connections, there can be loud plops which can actually damage the speaker. Also, if the speaker runs from batteries, never leave the batteries inside speaker for an extended amount of time because over time batteries can start leaking and cause significant damage.